Holley LS Fest West at Las Vegas Speedway

By Darlene Terrill, Regional Administrator

In late April, WestCare Nevada’s transitional housing clients were offered the opportunity to earn money at the Holley LS Fest West 2021 three-day race weekend at the Las Vegas Speedway. The invitation came from the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) Membership Director, Carrie Strange, and President/CEO/Co-Founder, Jimi Day, who invited us to assist with conducting pre-registration and manning the merchandise sales areas.

With CDC guidelines followed, permission was granted for the host USCA to operate five separate events including drifting, drag racing, off-road racing, and a car show. Event organizers were surprised with approximately 11,000 in attendance. The race coordinators did an excellent job of assuring public safety by taking temperatures at the gate, practicing social distancing, and having sanitizer available in key locations.

Fifteen WestCare transitional living clients worked throughout four days and quickly learned the tasks of registering all and learned how to take orders of merchandise at a near sell-out tent.

We have never been prouder of our transitional living clients who worked 13-hour days with lines of hundreds waiting to make their purchases! Racing officials provided each volunteer with a uniform t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, masks, and other miscellaneous items – which were an additional highlight for those who chose to participate. Depending on how many shifts each client worked of the 38 slots available, they were able to earn between $300 – $600 each over the course of four days.

The consensus of the clients was that this was quite a remarkable gift that boosted their self-esteem, provided new work skills that could be added to their resumes, and taught them the importance of teamwork and customer service. What an opportunity this was for them!

WestCare is currently the only charity that the USCA supports in Nevada. We are also grateful to be named the charity for their next annual fundraiser in November 2021! Thank you, USCA!

By WestCare

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