The 2022 District 2 Turkey Giveaway and Resource Fair

By Alisa Garza, Administrative Assistant

During the holiday season, family food security is a top concern for the neighborhoods that WestCare Texas’ team in San Antonio is proud to serve. November is a time when households come together and give thanks for the blessings of the year and look forward to starting a new chapter. As a health resiliency nonprofit, WestCare Texas knows that overcoming trauma requires meeting the needs of the community by providing food and fellowship which is why our San Antonio team partnered with City Councilman Jaylen McKee-Rodriguez from District 2, the San Antonio Food Bank, San Antonio Fire Department, San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department, the San Antonio Spurs, SAMMinistries, Head Start, Animal Care Services, San Antonio Water System, and many other vendors to impact the Eastside’s Thanksgiving holiday. Through combined resources, this partnership distributed 280 turkeys, 300 food bags on behalf of the San Antonio Food Bank, 280 food bags from WestCare Texas, and health information that covered sexually transmitted infections (STI) and COVID-19 vaccine information.

In response to the event, City Council’s District 2 office commented, “The District 2 Turkey Giveaway was a wonderful opportunity for our office to partner with WestCare Foundation to bring food and smiles to our eastside families. Through this event, we served over 700 members from our District and provided resources through our community partners. As always, we are grateful to all the volunteers who worked with us to make this event a success. It was a beautiful holiday event that defined the true meaning of giving.” Additionally, the San Antonio Spurs’ mascot, Coyote, joined in this fun day and gave away Spurs basketball tickets. Through this event, our team not only fed the community, but increased awareness of our services as well as polled the community for crime hotspots in local neighborhoods.

By WestCare

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