WestCare Tennessee Announces New Leader

By Stephen Wright, Chief Operating Officer – Eastern Region

Shandi Hill joined WestCare Tennessee in 2018 as the project coordinator for a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant. Since then, she has grown into the role of an area director providing her unique experience and successful project management to help grow the reach of WestCare Tennessee in Jefferson and Cocke counties. She has over 20 years of being an experienced leader in serving rural areas and has successfully planned and implemented programs with federal grants such as HRSA, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), and Drug-Free Communities (DFC).

Over the past years, Shandi has used her wealth of expertise to ensure efficient work in the delivery of quality services. Because of her involvement in the community, she has been a spokesperson at the table when it comes to advocating for incarcerated individuals, individuals in recovery, economically challenged individuals, high risk youth, diverse cultures, Veterans, and aging seniors.

Shandi understands what the needs are for our identified areas of service as well as those areas that we hope to expand services to. She continues to grow her knowledge by keeping well informed with new and innovative ways in today’s culture. She loves to get things done and makes people feel comfortable speaking with her about their needs. If you are ever around and listening to her while out in the community, you will hear Shandi tell you how much she loves her work and how important it is to strengthen individuals and empower others in the community towards positive change.

In her own words, “Change may make you uncomfortable, but change must come to make you comfortable to learn and make a difference in the eyes of others in need.”

By WestCare

We're a family of nonprofit organizations providing a wide spectrum of health and human services across the United States, 3 U.S. territories, and 2 Republics.

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